Sunday, April 30, 2006

what is lace doing with azrael?

welcome back to my insanity.

<-- disney display in G4 after the school tour work i had, me and neurotic bf azrael went to G4 to have some fun. here are some photos :) i played dress up as school girl. got my new leg warmers! i just got for the first time in my life, my very own timezone card! ^^ i played punch azrael's face, yes you can punch the face of your bf in timezone! the machine takes a pic of nasty bf, displays it on the screen, and you can punch on it after.

i also purchased little stuff for creativity purposes like patches and crochet flowers. maybe i'll make a new shirt soon.

then i saw my bestest friend shandalle and aries her bf treated me and az to silent hill movie! i love watching at G4 because its clean, non-sticky, cold, and you dont slip off the seats.

the movie just gave me a trauma and im scared everytime, every minute. and i dont know what the freaking hell i am scared of. hay.

my favorite game forever! Daytona ^^ used to play this with my big sister Joni.

<--- we were able to see Mickey and Minnie and friends!!! weee! i felt like i was in Disney haha

Finally before boarding another bus from hell, we ate at oody's and i devoured my favorite ultimate spicy food!!!! it was chili heaven.

the bus ride was terrible. we boarded a dasma bound bus but it used the expressway so... the trip was the other way around. people from carmona, dasma, gma took off first and those from bacoor like me stepped down last. hay grabe.

and no, my problem is not yet done. i had to delete some posts, yes. ^^ it was a nice day out after all.