Tuesday, May 02, 2006

anyanka's birthday and alcohol allergy

Happy Birthday Anyanka!!!

Yesterday was anya's birthday! my first niece ever and the cutest!

it was just a simple lunch with her two sides of the family.

then last night i was so scared i thought i was going to die. screw san miguel light. i had a bottle the day before but last night after i finished my 1.5 bottle, i turned red and started to feel fuzzy.
then i saw my whole body has gone red with bumps! and i felt very weird the whole time as i was lying on my bed. i didnt go to sleep since i thought my heart might stop beating. it was the worst allergy ever! i didnt come in the office today because im still red and itchy all over. then i felt it was coming back again so i had to buy my own medicine (claritin- antihistamine take 1 tablet a day).

azrael also had difficulty breathing and was snoring on my ear the whole night.
visit my multiply site for more photos :) or http://azlace.multiply.com for our couple pics.

im going back to bed and get well ^^ good day!