Saturday, May 27, 2006

aboout men specifically the one im sleeping with

i don't know if it's my monthly menstrual cramps that is bogging me down and the earth seems to be almost eating me. ive been sulking for how many hours already. i work 8 hours for 5 days just to wait for the weekend freedom. But here i am bored, with no money, and my boyfriend sleeping in my living room.

last night was hot, literally.. i was sweating the bed and we decided to get lemonade at 12mn. before that i managed to get azrael to tell me some of his female "encounters". it was fun but i think it has caught up with me today and is pulling me down giving me a whole day frown. can't take my mind off how azrael described this one girl, he's not any of his exes but i figured she's probably the prettiest screwed one. he always puts down the other girls but this one is an exception. now i feel like a character from a korean telenovela, meek and sad and pretending to be so-so. i wish azrael had no dick until he met me.

then awhile ago, around 9am he was talking of some chick who looks like someone from moring musume, and how stupid his friend was for not screwing her. then i realized, men really do think this way and bf is not any different. *__* it also gave me the creeps. like hello, do i really know you? so i figured i might be just sensitive today because of my period and went up to my room and took an invisible sleeping pill and i was KO in no time.

this world is crazy, men are cazy, and im going crazy. im confused and sick and tired.

maybe i'll die sooner or later; i even dreamt about me dying last night.


Ed said...

We (humans) are no different from animals. Male breeds, female feeds. :P

Seriously, I like girls, but loving a girl is different. I think ganyan din si Az. :D

suzaku_lace said...

wow thanks for your comment! stupid me i just read this today haha :P

chompy said...

" i wish azrael had no dick until he met me." --> Hey, great wish! I guess all girls think alike. :D

Dealing with the past can really be a pain in the butt.. Sometimes the adage innocence is bliss hits the jackpot right on the spot. Mas ok pa talaga to completely not talk about the past before a girl and a guy hooks up. Di ba, clean slate to start anew. :)

Though it might have been the cramps, I would have still felt the same even without it. ;)

suzaku_lace said...

ahaha yeah ;) u hit it right lei! but lets say, i want to know everything including THOSE horrible experiences in bed he had until he met me.

don't kill me ladies, this is my blog.