Monday, May 08, 2006

AV idol link, Poseidon Advanced Screening

aloha! im posting this while listening to Hyde's 666 album.

thank you very much to Pinoy Exchange for giving us free tickets to the advanced screening of Poseidon later :)

Also, i found out that im number one in the search results for for "av idol cosplay"
thanks thanks! but im not an an AV idol, i just love dressing like one. so here's my photo for all you searchers out there.

This is my latest with Don Israel, my 52 year old sponsor.

the paparazzi took the photo from below so we look a little plumper.

i will post more soon about our idols Airi and Meiri, for the mean time, here is one of their latest photo from their blog :)

i am also enjoying my new hair style, no i did not cut my hair but i fix it in such a vey cute way.

in this next photo, you'll see one of my new pony holders. and it is another good catch by the paparazzi...

suzaku_lace caught being kissed by a 52 year old man.