Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Daddy Az and his Highblood Pressure.

I got home from work early today. Azrael txtd me his blood pressure the nurse in FEU got. he had highblood measuring 150/80 and that was dangerous according to the nurse and my officemates. His nape was hurting every now and then, he had headache and he was fatigued. So i told my officemates i was going to pick him up in FEU so that we can go home and i can take care of him.

i was in the retreat house for a wokshop but i walked in the heat of the sun and i think my skin is burned already. i semi-panicked also because he might faint somewhere any minute. it was so hot and humid at the same time.

we got home safe but his nape was cold and his face was flushed during the bus ride. i put him to sleep right away then my mom said afternoon naps causes highblood too. haha. so we woke up and ate icecream after sleeping for 2 hours.
Now im going to google what to do with highblood pressure. what he can eat and not, stuff like that. i dont want to be widowed even before i get married. *lol*