Monday, May 15, 2006

it was sunny then gloomy YEY!!!!!

rejoice! i dance for rain. i hope it continues to rain this week. i had a lovely weekend, had my face done again after a month or so.

mondays are very hard to come to terms with!!!! then add up annoying person who breathes , rather pants all the time. hay.

right now i am here in a netshop overlooking the lrt. the keyboard is very stubborn. i am waiting for az from his OJT. i hate him because he told me he'll just pick up the freaking statues then drop it at abs. he said "madali lang to wait mo ko". then from his txts he was suggesting that i meet him at HERO duh? are you making me commute and ride the deteriorating trains?

he is just so inconsiderate. now i am wasting my money here at the netshop. i want to cry already. i ate at 7-11 awhile back to kill some time but im not used to the self-service thing, i made a lot of mess! i spilled juice on the table and the floor, then the packet of oil from the yakisoba spilled as i opened it, to my hand then to the table then to my bag.

someone save me from this day. i want to go home and forget all about the pink monster who breathes heavily and pants all day. i want my freedom!!!!!!