Sunday, June 25, 2006

Harajuku Day on Manila Streets, What's my Next Job, and where am i GOING?

It was just me. haha. after all the stressful situations and workplace tales and stress, i emerged as a harajuku dresser yesterday.

for more photos:

The day before that, was tremendously bad! and so i solicited the force of Mariel,my friend for support and to relieve the negative forces in me by shopping.
it was great shopping with a GIRL again! it felt so good, i never realized how i missed shopping with the girls. i saw more stuff compared to when im just by myself or with azrael. i also enjoyed talking about other things and topics.

im still tensed though, relationships, work, career, money,family and all that. im more worried of my career. i really want a vacation and to transfer somewhere else but i cant decide where, or should i just get freelance work or be a buy and seller of various stuff. its hard to work for someone, i wanted to work for myself and if lucky, work at home and need not sit in the office from 8am-5pm.

right now, im sight seeing where it is good to go, what's the best stuff to sell, and where to get my arse sitting after august. anyway, i am skilled. i can write, do websites (and now i know how to use a database program), call and entertain people, do PR, make flash animations, and TALK. if someone out there sees this and need help in any of the above, do contact me. i'd be happy to get commissioned work and projects.

photo credits: Erving, and Azrael Coladilla