Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I'm absent today: Broken Foot :(

i can't walk to the office today because of my right foot. i accidentally stepped it on the floor with too much pressure yesterday. i was sitting all day and maybe it was shocked when i suddenly stood up to get the phone. it didnt hurt until last night and this morning, it feels like it has an electricity going through it. good thing i have a cane here at home that i can use for the moment. :)

for a closer look:


chompy said...

Ooh, I can relate. Currently with me, it's my back. Whenever I stretch in any direction, I get a sharp piercing pain unlike any I've experienced before. I hope we get well soon. :(

kingina said...

Aw! Kawawa naman! Meron akong cane sa bahay kung gusto mo hiramin, Pab Der. May shape ng aso yung hawakan tapos may vial pag na-unscrew mo yung hawakan. Astig! Pwedeng lagyan ng drugs at kung ano ano pa dun sa vial! Anyway, try mo tumalon ng 18 times, tignan mo ang epekto!

Ed said...

Poor footy. Yayayain ko sana kayo ni Az pumunta dito. Pagaling ka! :D

suzaku_lace said...

@lei: let ur boyfriend give u a free message haha

@edward: haha magaling na ko so i can still wear ur pasalubong, teka ano na balita sa gift ko?:P

@ed: i dont want to go out bagong derma ung face ko ahahaha thanks thanks!

chompy said...

i already asked for one, then a second, third, ... :D

ganun pala yun, if may problem sa katawan, ang solusyon ay mag-pa-derma! haha.. kiddin! ;) i've yet to try it one of these days..

kira the knitter said...

I also can relate, as I broke my right foot on Memorial Day. I had to have surgery & I wearing a beautiful blue cast up to my knee. Feel better! Kira