Thursday, June 08, 2006

Mcdonald's Happy Meal, back to work, derma male part 2

hello from the land of stress and brokeness.
im back working after my foot has recuperated.

CARS happy meal:

i already have FIVE of them and i need 3 more!!!
i want to start collecting happy meals for my successor, may it be a he or she. i wont take them out of the plastics so that when my child opens it, it's brand new :) or i might just sell them off EBAY to make moolah.

see each car at
i already have Sally, Filmore, Matel, Lightning Mcqueen, and Luigi.

the next happy meal is Pirates of the Carribean :) then, next is polly pockets!!!

Derma-male: a male derma

i also had my face done after a month! the derma-male made up my face and now im red with spots all over my face. i need 4 days to recuperate and be back in my shinning dazzling self.

<--- me at the operating room, will give birth to the next OMEN.

i also watched the OMEN, and im now scared that i might give birth to a son of the devil (not azrael's son) but the real devil down there.

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