Friday, June 09, 2006

Mcdonald's Happy Meal, no sleep pa rin.

I finally got my 6th car, Flo. i still lack 2 cars... im so sleepy right now my fingers are sliding off the keyboard. gahhh... i want to crawl to bed. i wish i can get a vacation, i wish i can live my life in peace. but anyway, im so happy my collection is almost complete.

azrael is a mess and he's so sabog just like me. he has a lot to do but has not finished anything.

he's putting messages everywhere like he's the omen, God please help my boyfriend.

im banned from using yahoo messenger, he screens everything now and im just floating around like a fruit fly.


kingina said...

Wah! Wala na akong makakausap ng matino sa YM! Heeeeeeelp anyone! Kelangan ko mag shed ng emotional luggage! Aaaaa, mababaliw ako! LoL. Tungkol pala dun sa 'gantimpala' mo, sa sunday hanap ako sa town. Sunday pa kasi ako makakapunta dun ulit e. Ciao!

suzaku_lace said...

haha si az daw i ym mo :p banned pa ko sa ym eh. haha. gusto ko pink ha if wala black ^___^

i blog mo nalang yan haha

chompy said...

hey, im not sure why you and az had a fight or why you're banned from YM but hope you guys smooth things out. :)