Friday, June 09, 2006

suzaku_lace press release

I can't wait for lunch time, im not going to get a happy meal car because i want to sleep.

azrael was furious last night and awoke me at around 2am, we slept around 4am after the makeup sack session.

im bangengers today and i think im stuck in a nightmare or some hell of sort.

my eyes are almost popping out when i washed my face this morning.. i only have 1.30 hours of sleep and i have to work for 8 hours.

whatever azrael comes up with, i only have one press release and that is: no comment, i was in delirious mode, read everything well, see between the lines, women do crazy things for love, and most of all, i'll keep the rest to myself, rest assured ive voiced them out to azrael.

my apologies to all those who deserve it.

PS. this blog is for my readers and no, im not claiming to be a hollywood star.