Thursday, June 15, 2006

Superman Toys at KFC

i just completed my CARS happy meal toys today!!!!

now i have another one to collect, the SUPERMAN TOYS of chuckie meal from KFC.
only 4 pieces so that means i have to eat chicken for 4 days. im going to get my first today today during lunch time. weee!!!!

also, i heard COLGATE will release SUPERMAN pencil cases..

and best of all, superman lunchbox from purefoods!!!

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but my priotity is the KFC toys woohoo!!! im getting addicted to these figures i dont have money anymore, maybe i should keep my job...



chompy said...

wow, the toys from kfc look really cool.. might go collect them too. thanks for the heads up! ;)

suzaku_lace said...

you're welcome chomps! :)

what's ur email ad pala?