Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Goodie Box form Australia! and NO CLASSES 4ever!!!!

I am super enjoying NO CLASSES for 2 DAYS already!!! thank God for the rain and CHED for announcing this before we shut our eyes.

so im here updating my blog, fighting with lolo azrael over the computer, he hoards the internet and my pc all the time just to post stuff like transformers whatever. then he posts my picture on his blog and chooses the ugliest shots, hmpf. anyway for the real story......

WEEE new stockings!!!!!!

My sister is in Australia and she sent us her first goodie box. i only got a new pair of hot stockings/leggings with holes on the side. i want to wear it soon! forgive my house clothes again and my manang hair. i look like this at home.

i also was able to watch a lot of television. we watched this UFO special on Studio 23 called Rods. Here i am looking for them in our village.

It's a FLYING ROD!!!!!!