Wednesday, July 26, 2006

now showing!

i want to watch both and i am hoping a dvd would fall from the sky haha. im so wicked. its just that i dont have time to watch these movies on the weekend plus im kind of broke too.

Just my Luck is Lalohan's latest movie. i love her because her role in drama queen came true! she really became a big hollywood star.

Next is the break up of Jen Aniston. I want to watch it for the "kilig" (romantic) factor. it's also comedic and it will show me what happens during a breakup when you and your partner share the same place.

i also watched lady in the water in the cinemas. i like it but i think it doesnt suit adults unlike kids like me ahahaha. i love it because it's like a fairytale and i feel like im reading a book.