Monday, August 14, 2006

i miss baby anya

i miss my niece very much, i always dream of her that she's back in manila from australia. i promise i'll always play with her when she gets back, i will even take a vacation and just take care of her at home.

here are some of her photos from melbourne:

im always sad and bored at home. i dont know which is better, office or home. since nobody is talking to me at home, everyone is doing their own stuff and azrael is glued to the net all the time. i just force my sell to take afternoon naps to kill some time.
unlike when anya and my sister were around, i can spend some time playing with them and talking about tv shows and me and my sister will have intellectual disputes on politics and religion, plastic surgery, and amazing race or whatever.

i miss everybody especially anya. i want to see her soon and im counting the days to november or december when they will arrive hopefully. i hope they dont leave the country again. gosh. im getting uglier because im so sad and all.

huhuhuhu : (