Friday, August 18, 2006

Neurotic Wednesday and Super Ex-Girlfriend

i am super neurotic! wednesday turned me into a demon tearing magazine (long story). i consulted my sister about my flare ups and neurotic-violent attacks and she advised me to calm down, relax, and prettify. it feels good to be able to spend some time with my older sister online and ask her advise for the first time.

yesterday i was not able to report to work but i got to go to the mall in the afternoon when i started to feel better. azrael treated me to My Super-ex Girlfriend movie, and he also bought me an office blouse, how sweet. i also bought 2 other blouses because i look like trash in the office already and im already embarassed because i look like im wearing my house clothes. i run out of collared shirts and my plain tees got smaller (or i got fat).

Reflecting on the movie, i wish i have the power to throw a shark to a womanizer boyfriend. that scene was super! SPOILER ALERT !!!! i hate it though that G girl did not end up with her ex boyfriend and the OTHER WOMAN even got super powers hmpf.

Uma Thurman is the best and i enjoyed when she was torturing the guy who dumped her.

anyway, i need to check on my anger levels and stop boiling past mistakes of others in my system. i might erupt sooner than Mayon Volcano.

Blind Item: i hate this one person who always makes side comments about how beautiful tv personalities and others are while im inside the same room. of course she intends to compare me to them and hopes to make me feel like shit.

im already feeling shitty and now i wish to kill her and skin her alive. she makes this comments when my boyfriend is also around, as if she wants my boyfriend to realize that im just the ugliest person in this world!

why do people like this have to exist?! well i feel sorry for her too because time has passed her by and now she is so bitter she wants to drag me down with her. Hell no! i will get my hair rebonded, my eyelash extended, my skin prepped, and so on!

one friend texted me a quote saying treat people who citcize you like sand paper, they make you better but they become worn out.