Monday, August 21, 2006

Oh Men, Work starts tomorrow, Vitamin C overload

it's back to work tomorrow!!! i was posting a homage to the 3 day vacation but i got disconnected and all of my writings went to waste.

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"I will tear your ear off!!!!"

it's confusing for someone like me to adore holidays and when the day itself comes, im bored and i cant think of anything to do. azrael left me to buy his USB gadgets in the mall and he agreed yesterday to schedule his computer usage. and when i woke up today at 11am, what do i expect, i still can't take his ass off the computer hot seat.

i just asked for him to pay 50% of the mp3 player i was eyeing, just to feel better, now it will be on my hands any minute.

i was miserable last night i cried an ocean while lamenting the fact that men are assholes, promising this and that during courtship and making you believe that they can deliver this and that, that they'd rather spend their whole life in the bedroom with you, and so on. God. they are good liars.

so instead of battling it out with men who only have 1% or less of my intelligence, i just overdose myself with vitamin C, 2000 mg a day does wonders!!! i feel energetic and my skin looks great. try it at your own risk. haha : )