Sunday, August 27, 2006

Podcast 2: the better podcast than the first

download my second podcast here
right click and save target as or double click to listen right away.

i said podcast 3 in that recording but its just my 2nd :) my mistake sorry ^^;
thank you for all those who downloaded my first, it's very annoying but i'll be better next time heehee.

i went to tarlac yesterday and pampanga the day before. grabe! it was a very looonnngggg trip, i feel bad for our driver. i cant imagine how tiring it is to drive for two consecutive days but we enjoyed the trip anyway.

azrael video taped some of the happenings. i'll put it here too when i have the time. i can't upload the work i do there but azrael and i came up with a funny clip. so watch out for it heehee : )

this is blurry me in Don Bosco Tarlac.

the day before which was friday, i went to Westfields International school in Angeles City. Now im back home getting my rest and i'll be back at work on Tuesday : )

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