Wednesday, August 30, 2006

this day needs to be over!

this is such a bad day! i was super excited for this day because it is the opening of Manila Book Fair in WOrld Trade Center. I know i have to work and i'll just go there lunch time. So i prepared last night by jotting down all the books i want my mom to buy for me and also the magazines and the back issues. My list was done and inside the car, this person told me he forgot to bring the list with him! arggghhhh!!!!

it is very annoying because i log on the net just to complete that list and he forgot it! i already feel bad i cant join my mom and this makes me feel worse.

you guess it right, its azrael wussy who forgot my list. he said he had so many stuff to do that he forgot it this morning. but he didnt forget to bring the calling cards he made for himself, he did not forget all the things he need to bring for his meetings, but he forgot my list!

gahh! i need a break i might kill somebody. i want to go to the retreat already so that i can be alone.