Tuesday, September 26, 2006

im going to CEBU, new pictures from Melbourne, and Bjork

im going to CEBU!!! been there last summer with a side trip to Bohol. Now im going there again for free! YinYang is working, bad day yesterday, good day today (well still not-so) . but just imagine how much flying to cebu will cost me if it werent for free. Business trips are still trips, and thank God for this! i so need this right now.

i wish i'll enjoy this one just like davao or more. im already downloading songs for my mp3 player just to distract me from my flight fright. I wish we get Philippine Airlines again. i'll be there for FOUR days and i'll try to blog via my fone. i hope it works this time.

Anyanka pics from Melbourne

this is my niece Anya, im so excited they are coming back on november! i miss her so much i want to die. they left last august because my brother-in-law had work there. she's so cute! i wish i have my own little baby girl *___*


Now i am listening to Bjork, songs like bachelorette, army of me, all is full of love, and other songs that make me feel like im the only human being in this world who loves and everybody else is heartless. chos!

Office Chisms

Gah! i felt so stupid awhile ago because someone called me on the phone and she was channeling patayin sa sindak si barbara. i answered yes right away to her question without digesting it in my brain first and yes was the wrong answer and i was sindaked to death with her voice shrilling on the phone. i want to say more but id rather not >__<


azrael said...

i got the chismis...

my dogs are barking...and they are hungry

Toni said...

Your niece is adorable!