Saturday, September 30, 2006

Storm Milenyo hits the Philippines

these are images from the storm milenyo. branches were flying and the birds were swirling in the air as the strong winds propel them uncontrollably. No electricity for two days and also, no water for us. i was not able to rest properly and my sister and i were bored to death. the only entertainment we had was my aunt's battery operated AM radio. announcers were sensationalizing alot of stuff as usual, i hate them.

some people like one mother called up a radio station asking for help. and this stupid female announcer asked a lot of probing questions only to say in the end that they will rely the call to another gov't office. it was a feast for the media, but unfortunately some reports are plain stupid and irrational and again, i feel they are creating entertainment and excitement with the disaster. like some news segment asked people how they feel since there are no trains, electricity, and traffic was bad.. helloer???? i wanted to throw my shoe on the tv monitor as the news flashed people saying it was very inconvenient for them and so on. and im sure the media begged the question out of these respondents. there was no cable tv so i had to bear with that.

here i am cooking chopping eggplants during thursday afternoon, look at how dark it was. i didnt know it's so hard to cook with only a candle as a source of light.

and the worst the storm bestowed me is that, I AM NOT GOING to CEBU. : (

i heard another storm is coming up, it's better this way too since a lot of work has been affected by this storm.


lostinguam said...

Typhoons are crazy. We get our share here on Guam. Saw your invite on, thought I'd drop by and check your blog out :) view mine at


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