Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Random Stuff

It's another morning and i am back at work at 7am woohoo!!!! I blog hopped while waiting for the time, later i'll get coffee, just to be lively enough and entertain my officemates again hahaha.

I went to Bitch Godess's blog and I happened to write this reply:

are we women destined to be happy for awhile and miserable for a lifetime, all caused by men who promise stuff during courtship and sex. we love so much we are willing to die for it, unlike men who say so but don't.

My reply is so pregnant with issues, other women not just me, encounter.


My favorite station in YM is coffeehouse, it's not like what they play here in starbucks or the hotels i recently went to. im tired of bossanova and the cool husky voices wailing in silence. this station is like random radio, and im not familiar with the songs but the playlist has good tunes.


My niece, anya is coming home this november. i can't wait to be with her. she is my long lost daughter and nobody can imagine how insane i got when they left for australia. i even wanted to bear my own daughter (i still want to). like God, i have so much love to give that I want to create another person to catch it from me. because someone is saturated with it.


Finally, here i am again, I NEED ROMANCE. the red stuff, the thing that makes me shiver and gives me goosebumps, the one that makes my face flush and turn red, the product that makes me smile up to my ears all day, the stuff that makes my mobile phone beep every 5 minutes, the one that floats me to the air, shoots me to heaven at night and the one that will care for a helpless another.