Monday, September 18, 2006

sleepy monday

i feel like i weigh a thousand tons, i woke up 5.30am. my sister's class is at 7.30am. holy morning, i barely enjoyed sleeping. i want to sleep more, i arrived here in the office at 7am, birds still chirping and azrael too, still sleeping on our bed snoring.

anyway, azrael who is MINE MINE MINE MINE and I watched Snakes on the Plane last night. it was a scorching hot sunday and we decided to get some airconditioning in the cinema and also, to eat my favorite cheese popcorn. the movie sent people screaming and azrael had this scared look on his face too. he was holding my arm the whole movie.

then we went shopping at the department store, i know, but sm has got it all! and i found a faux fur vest. it was the last piece and i had the sales ladies take it off the manequin ahahaha. someday i will wear it and show it here. ^___^

i am very possesive from my clothes, shoes, to my partner. azrael is MINE MINE MINE. i got a bit annoyed that this person emails him and tries to be in touch even if he does not bother replying. if only her partner knows. and some still call him on the phone even if he doesnt take calls from them anymore. they just dont get the message.

if you want azrael back, buy him from me for $100,000,000. *evil laugh*


azrael said...

IM YOURS F4ever!!!!!