Saturday, September 16, 2006

Suzaku Lace flies to DAVAO

i've conquered Davao!
the Durian, the "night life", the food, and definitely, the shopping districts!

davao is so beautiful and here are some pictures i'd like to share with everybody : )


In Davao. food is almost free. nothing goes up to more than 100 pesos. unless, it's really special. here at the beach side, you can point at any seafood and have it prepared. all for 80-100 pesos per dish.

the food service in davao is great, you wait no longer than your temper can handle and the food send you right up to heaven.

>>> this is a regular beach in Davao. the white sand beaches are located in some other islands. but this beach is already clean and swimmable. no mineral water bottles and plastic bags floating on the water or laying on the sand.

>>> a crocodile skeleton at Crocodile Farm. the farm also houses a zoo almots similar to Singapore's. you can pet the animals, have pictures taken with them and eat at a cozy riverside with tarsiers.

>> all throughout our stay in davao, we were accomodated by Apo View Hotel. The best part is, we enjoyed hotel brealfast buffet each morning!!!!