Tuesday, September 12, 2006

im going to DAVAO! ? !

yes i am, im going to fly tomorrow, and face my flight phobia for the nth time in my life. azrael, sadly, has no choice but to be left behind. we budgeted his flight at around 2k via cebu pacific, but my office is flying via PAL which costs more than 17k. Me and my boss are flying for free of course.

im sad for azrael, one day we will go to Boracay together and fly together for the first time.

next week, im bound to Cebu. i hope my flight phobia gets cured via these frequent trips out of luzon.


photos were from last saturday, at the F4 event of Ms. Michelle Coladilla, azrael's sister. it was fun, lots of Gerry Yan and KFC food!!!

no wonder im getting fat! i hope i can eat vegetarian like my boss during our trip to DAVAO so i can lose some weight.

my shoes are new! look at these mary jane shoes i scored in the mall. they are so cute for a very low price.

pray for my safety and i hope i dont freak out during the turbulences at the plane. heehee


kingina said...

Anong ginagawa/gagawin mo sa Davao?

azrael said...

may school tour si lace for CSB