Sunday, September 10, 2006

WANTED: Computer illiterate Boyfriend

the answer to my problem! exactly!

before i get bullied by my family and a person we shall call a*****, im not looking for a new partner, im just writing about the advantages of a computer illiterate boyfriend.

does your live-in partner spend more time in front of the pc? proclaiming he's busy as hell? tan tanan! presenting, the computer illiterate boyfriend! cha-nan!

1. this person will not touch a computer, he doesnt know how to use it.
2. the only entertainment he will focus on is the TV, in which case, you can spend decent time with him.
3. you need not coerce him to go up to the bedroom at 1 in the morning.
4. you save electricity.
5. if i haven't made this clear yet, you spend more time together.

what are you waiting for?

if there is only a potion sold in ebay, a converter of some sort that will make computer-addict to computer-phobic.

*** im typing this now to feel better and prevent further violent damage.


azrael said...

im working..kaya busy ako.

lagot ka

suzaku_lace said...

from a paradox

We build more computers
to hold more information,
to produce more copies than ever,
but we communicate less and less