Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Banquet - I want the GOWN!!!

i promise to myself that i will wear the gown of the empress, no matter what it takes heeheehee
but before that, i love the movie. yes it is another chinese film with flying people and their beautiful hair, but i always like what Zhang Ziyi portrays in all her movies. AND WHAT A COINCEDENCE! in Ye Yan, she is symbolized by a fire phoenix (the suzaku). and that gown has SUZAKU written all over it! i swear i will get married in that red ensemble or else.. well if not... maybe i can die wearing it? ahahaahaha im so gaga over this red gown!!!

im already thinking to whom i can commission this gown, there are a lot of good fashion designers in De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde... maybe one of them can do this gown for me. and yes im not a zhang ziyi but i am definitely suzaku lace. har har may i live ten thousand years and ten thousand times.

i can talk about this gown for a whole day. look at its tail, it has the fire phoenix embroidered on it.

moving on, daniel wu is hot... wu luan... maybe i'll name my descendant wu luan if its a boy ahahaha.. and if its a girl - eng bee tin? *lol*