Monday, October 23, 2006

stomach vs. toilet and papa ilet's funeral

Yesterday was papa ilet's funeral and we all went to Maragondon Cavite.

Az was the photographer and video camera man. the videos and photos will be sent to some relatives abroad.

too bad that as soon as i finished eating lunch there, i had to go to the bathroom thrice! i was not able to attend the mass and the burial ceremonies. they left me lying on the couch.

<--- this photo is before my stomach waged war with the toilet. beside me is my niece ten ten who looks like her mother a lot.

<--- and this is how i looked when they left me in my lolo's house. i was there by myself the whole time and missed all the ceremonies.

my mom gave me diatabs but it didnt work and i asked for water but they gave me gatorade. when they were out i felt hungry but there was no food in sight... huhuu

next time i will bring my own mineral water. i think i also got sick because they all told me i got fat and my stomach reacted and pushed out all the food inside hehehehe.
i skipped work today too because of this. later i should make sure that im well already because we won tickets again to a movie premiere ^______^


kingina said...

Mag Lomotil... "para buo ang loob mo." no pun intended. =Þ

azrael said...

sbe ng uncle ko, lomotil daw causes the intestines to bleed... ewan ko lang ha if its true haha : )

suzaku_lace said...

^ that's me!!! sorry forgot to logout azrael's account haha isang pc lang gamit namin eh.