Monday, October 30, 2006

Epix 2006 and confusion

hallo, im blogging from home. the cold weather and piles of stress made it hard for me to get up. im absent from work, and have to make up 4 hours this week.

EPix 2006 - an Epson exhibit for photographers

we were there yesterday and got free halo-halo from the cocktails teehee. this photo was from that event. he is dondon an artist and photographer who is azrael's friend. yes! i was wearing my fur vest but that pink handbag seemed to ruin the photo.

we did not linger any longer, we were in my neighbor SM at 6.30pm. bought myself flowers, dinner, and a magazine.

Today, right here, right now.

Halloween seems to be affecting my stars. i feel like im in a mid-life crisis at 21. i have lots of questions, plans, and choices to make. i want to push the pause button and do a turn around of everything. funny that during these times, i can't put all my sentiments on an online journal because i am READ.

i'll see what i can do to make my life a bit better aside from making and getting more money >.<
nasaan ba kasi si happiness???