Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween in my room last night!!!

azrael and i were sleeping last night when suddenly, i woke up chilling and very cold at 12.30am

i was so cold i shivered and my teeth were hitting each other. i said "az, hug me im so cold" and when he did i still asked him to get an extra blankie from the closet.

he asked me if i was chilling. "Yes!" then he said "mag dasal ka" in a very creepy way... i got scrared out of my wits!

i didn't know what to do, and maybe im just scared when i felt my body getting heavy and my arms seem to get numb.

then azrael said "maybe it's your tito, paalisin mo na". all the more i got goosebumps!

after awhile i was sweating, then cold again, then hot.

it's so weird! i asked if the weather was cold last night but everybody says otherwise..

boooo!!!! and bedmate will be absent tonight. huhuhu >.< i'll just sleep with my mom and sister.


looks like i have UTI again!!! that's why i was chilling last night ahahahahaha


Joni Llanora-Ibarra said...

"having chills", not chilling. I can't help but correct your grammar.