Thursday, October 05, 2006

Garwood Hotel Cebu, Joni Llanora Blogs, Facial Issues!

CEBU --- here we come!!!!

and i thought we won't go there anymore. im going there on Sunday via Cebu Pacific. All i remember when i was in Cebu was this nice resort and their salty tap water.

we will be staying in Garwood Hotel in Cebu (see photo). looks promising and i hope to get another room massage service there :)

and after Cebu, i hope i can get a facial!!!! but the Comic Seminar is on Oct. 14-15 then i have another seminar to attend on the 16th...... maybe after. (more on facial issues below)

Facial Issues -- I feel Ugly!!!

i was thinking if i should post this. to tell you the truth, i feel ugly as a volcano crater. my face is demanding for a facial which i can't get until my school tours are over. imagine, me talking to a crowd of students with red patches and scars all over my face --- no way. i dont want to jeopardize my marketing career because of a trip to the dermatologist.

i am thinking of getting diamond peel instead of my regular glycolic peels because diamond peels let me walk out of the clinic still looking like a human while the later makes me look worse than carrie -- from the movie carrie.

i was thinking of getting a new moisturizer, l'oreal's anti-imperfection moisturizer. but i read negative reviews on it from the internet.

there you go. my face was ok before the typhoon milenyo and during the storm i woke up with red blemishes on my face.

hay ~

My Sister JONI blogs

my sister from down under (Australia) just started to blog yesterday. She writes real well and documents her and my niece anya's adventure in Melbourne. They are set to return on November, can't wait to see them both! visit her blog here: