Friday, October 06, 2006

all the boxes are packed, friday mass, waiting again

im here again at RP Manila, waiting for my sundo. today i spent 6 hours packing up boxes, and we jokingly called each other packers in the office. tiring but it was fun, id rather move a lot than sit and get a bigger butt than what i have now. cebu tour will finally push through this sunday and i am excited!!! will i survive the flight, are we going to be lost again at nightime walking the streets??? and where are we going to eat and are the people we will visit accomodating?

right now, im tired and fidgety. i ate at KFC to kill some time but my boyfriend promised to treat me at Pho Bac, the vietnamese resto. maybe i'll just get soup when he arrives.

also, check out and look for Oprah's Make-up Lessons. i caught it last night on TV.

today is first friday mass, and im glad i was able to make it during lunch time. Father Mike still remembers me, we were groupmates in the retreat. we greet each other during offertory and communion. i always give him a huge hand wave when we cross paths inside the campus. i like being around priests and nuns, i had a priest-friend during highschool and we even texted each other. His name was father anton. ive always wanted to be a nun too (yes its true) but the thing is i dont have the strength to leave my family behind and ive been used to being pampered. maybe someday maybe not ^^ if there were lasallian sisters aside from brothers maybe i have considered it greater than today.