Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Indesign Seminar and a little bit of Manila Comics Seminar

I went to the Indesign World 2006 at Shangri-la Makati and there, i marvelled at the software and wondered how much it will cost if i get the licensed cds.

One of the speakers mentioned De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde ( here's where i do the marketing hoolahs) and i discovered she is an alumni. So i text the marketing HQ and they gave me GO signal to interview.

that's me fulfilling my dream of writing ahahahaha. These two are a couple, her husband is an international photographer and both of them travel the world.

Manila Comics Seminar Photo of ME:

Unfortunately, i let my hair down the whole time and have almost no time to comb my hair or wipe the shine off of my face. i realized my face is getting big again ahahahaha or maybe its just my hair. here's one decent photo, i just want to share my outfit and my wonderful new stockings.