Sunday, October 15, 2006

Manila Comics Seminar, Bye bye papa ilet, toothache, stomachache, and adobe seminar tomorrow

whew. will go through them one by one.

Manila Comics Creation Seminar

yesterday was such as stressful and busy day. i helped azrael with the seminar yesterday and di a lot of things like seling tickets, being a bouncer, talking at the microphone. being a public relations person, and so on.

today azrael is there and is not taking my calls and im already pissed off. i wasnt able to come because papa ilet passed away yesterday and i visited his wake today. i'll miss him so much and i hope he finds his way to heaven, secondlife, nirvana, whatever there is.


while having dinner last night after the seminar, i bite something hard and vavoom! it was my pasta filling on one tooth. now my molar is so sensitive i can't eat and drink properly. i want to go to dentist tomorrow but they're not replying to my txts and i have a seminar to attend tomorrow.


i have stomach cramps right now because of the monthly thing and it was so terrible i even felt it while i was sleeping this afternoon. it's also making me moody and im still angry azrael does not take my calls now since he is at the seminar. i have to open the gates for him, im guessing he'll be home by 12midnight and i have to wake up 6am tomorrow for the seminar.