Sunday, October 01, 2006

sunday blogging

i want to die right here. right now. it has only been 4 days that i have no work and had to stay at home, and i cant take one more day like this. i am so bored, i want to go out but i am saving money and there's no decent movie to watch right now. and there's this person who keeps insulting me all day that i want to kill.

i wish monday was here and i'll be in my own space at the office, working.

my aunt is in margondon and left her eloading business with us. a lot of people ask for load but they are very impatient to wait for the load to come. now they are outside our gates and i hear them wailing and my mom is speaking as if the people she is talking to are deaf.

ive been sleeping excessively, woke up at 10am and i have been sleeping in the afternoon for three days.