Saturday, October 28, 2006

Yesterday: Tired Lace

Yesterday was one of my most tiresome days ever. Though i like the feeling of being in a hectic schedule and the absence of idle time, i had difficulty breathing, also had this weird feeling in my tummy (my right side was aching).

We started with a meeting then there was the friday photoshoot, i was so giddy during the meeting, nervous that the participants won't show up. after the photoshoot i had lunch at 2.30pm then at 3pm some visitors came that i toured around the campus with my undigested food.

after work, i had to drop by the post office in RP to send a package to Australia. we took the fx and walked a long way to the mall. when we reached P office at the 5th floor, we were told to buy a box in National Bookstore, so down we went and up again. My side was aching so much (mabe because of tiredness) i almost cry while walking and i plumped myself to some chairs outside KFC.

strabucks was the best place to go to last, somewhere with yellow dim lights and coffee to numb stress. so here is how i looked after all my tasks were done ( see above). this was at 8pm, then we took the bus and guess what.... the aircon got busted >.<