Thursday, October 26, 2006

Sleepy Head

it's so hard to wake up at 5.45am. Everyday im groggy at the back of the car hugging my old worn-out pillow that i bring with me from my sleep. 7.15am im at the office already but am afraid to sleep here heehee. i have to wake up early for my sister. her class begins at 7.30am.

we got free coffee awhile back, im wide awake now but my stomach feels weird...


Right now, im coordinating a photoshoot for work. i am excited to bring my makeup kit and goodluck to lawrence, he is the IT photographer for tomorrow and saturday. im so flattered he said i can become a print manager with my coordinating skills hehehehe.

Lace's Classified Ads

my gym renovation is still on-going, it'll take me two months to install the mirrors and new equipment if i can find good ones. then maybe i can start accepting gym goers and gym virgins to rent the gym on a daily basis.

i need a gym bench -- if u know someone selling for a reasonable price, ping me. : )

i still accept projects for webpage design and flash banners. Azrael will do most of them though. just send us an email at

events organizing/promotions - yes we do that too.


i need lotsa sidelines and
i can't stop thinking of how i can multiply my money!!!