Friday, November 03, 2006

New Orleans Dining and Az vs. Lace in MOA

yesterday, i finished work at 6pm then i went to SM Mall of Asia to meet Azrael and get dinner. Long story short, we had world war 3 in MOA because he didnt tell me that i should eat with some other people he was meeting with. i wanted to rest, stop smiling, stop pretending im still energetic at the end of the day and making casual chats, and just rest and eat ALONE. in the end, i won the war but NO ONE does that to me! he said okay, eat somehwere else and i will meet you after my dinner with cheneloo chorva. DUH???? no one forsakes me for someone else! i was just testing if he has the balls to leave other people for me. well he did after 20 or so minutes. besides, they were eating at a japanese resto. im so sick of japanese food already after my penchant for teriyaki boy and kani salad.

so we ate at this new orleans themed resto, a bit expensive but that is what i call cash out therapy ahhahahahaa.

now i want to look for something to do after work again. like a movie but there's no good movie right now. well, we'll see : )


Jac said...

haha nag-warla pa pala ang diyosa sa moa! XD hello lace! link me, link you?