Thursday, November 30, 2006

No work and the storm is coming

while on my way home yesterday, i learned that work was suspended -- yey!

so early today i went to the mall, paid some bills and directly went to the department store's food exchange. i loaded myself with chocolates (van houten and meiji, 2 of each kind)then some chips (oishi and clover chips). this is my way of preparing for disaster.

i finally met az there, who did not come home last night (family affair) while i was throwing tantrums left and right. Then there it was, colonel was summoning me to get a bucket meal... and so i did! i got KFC variety meal for everyone in the house.

the storm is slowwwwly approaching us and im enjoying every bit of electrons before the wires are cut-off. i do hope that the storm wont be that bad.

talking of bad, i was furious early in the morning because of an evil capitalist. it's bad to treat people like commodities, even if you pay for them to be your helper. our help is soon to be driven home because no one wants to pay her salary and i feel bad for her. i told this evil person "her mom is sick and she just got a cellphone that she's still paying" and the evil one said "how did that become my problem?"

oh sister, whatever happened to CARITAS CHRISTI URGET NOS? (the charity of Christ impels us). if only i knew this was forthcoming i should have sacrificed vacation time and stayed working. because i know other people have bigger problems than mine and i am really lucky, and people like me and you should repay it by helping others without being recognized because Jesus likes that. okay?


Jac said...

Work called off? In my office? Haha.

Buti ka pa ;)