Saturday, December 02, 2006

thinking while overloaded with garlic and pesto

i think i have hypertension. younger sister was hungry and i cooked her noodles and i spread pesto sauce all over it. but in the end, she didn't like it so i ended eating 40% of it.

today is the last vacation day, i have work tomorrow and finally, i can meet up with my college friends after work. one of my classmates died, yes it is so sad that decent and smart people need to pass away.

moving on to grey's anatomy, i just watched episode 10 of season 3, yes i am so lucky to know this secret portal where i can watch it. there were no meredith and derek scenes at all but it was good. i missed watching GA after i ran out of episodes to watch. cristina and burke looks like they will patch things up.

if you are one of the people i catch online on ym, you'd probably figure out that im in the middle of a life crisis ahahaha. seriously, my brain is so busy thinking what to do after december. but my mom declared that we are going to have a long vacation in boracay by january, and that should shut me up already : )

definitely, there's no definite in this world and all we can do is wait. i had plans that i was hoping dearly to happen with client this client that but they are like swimming in the water bobbing their heads up and down. you never can tell when they will stay up with you and start making the deal.

good thing, i am debt free. there should be a shirt that proudly says debt free :) once, i had a creditcard and it was like a curse, an evil curse that never leaves your consciousness. now i threw them all away and got to save a little. and maybe, i should be happy for that accomplishment. lesson is, don't use the plastic unless it's life on the line or don't even bother getting one.