Monday, November 20, 2006

Offset Day Woohoo!!!!

i am enjoying my offset day here at home. i downloaded and watched Oprah on Grey's Anatomy. I just had lunch, but after i saw the cake photos from Bacolod, i want to get a slice of cake and coffee to go with it. I uploaded Bacolod photos in multiply too.

Im almost done with season 2, i cant wait to reach the steamy hot tub scene of derek and meredith!!! i also watched both of them in David Letterman through youtube. weee!

although i can watch Grey's the whole day, im a bit annoyed again by girls txting azrael. god, can't they find themselves their own buddies? i want to txt them back and tell them to have their pussies scratched by dogs if they are so itchy. then my mom wants me to cook spaghetti with just a pack of tomato sauce and spaghetti sauce. we are too many in the household! that wont be enough. plus i have a cold that's been running for a week now.

okay now i'll just go up to my room and watch mcdreamy after i take a shower.

good day everybody : )