Tuesday, December 19, 2006

the happiest surprise ever

yesterday i knew that we will have a meeting then afterwards, a pseudo-christmas party cum merienda. i setup the projector and laptop for one last time and i was being sent down to get plates, glasses, and drinks for the merienda afterwards. when i came in they said we will now view the College AVP and give comments.

i was wondering why the intro seemed different until i saw my face projected on the wall and my picture's mouth was moving! then the room was filled with the music of Kuh Ledesma's Bulaklak aahahahaha

Lawrence made me an avp with a lot of pictures fading in and out. it was so sweet of my officemates. now i feel so sad that i am leaving.

That's not all! we were supposed to have exchange gifts and i was so disoriented that i was everybody's BABY and got all their gifts... *sob* i was even worried because i didnt get a surprise gift. Astrid was there with us I missed her so much when she left. she gave me chocolates and a pair of leggings/stockings. i also got a sex book, KY Jelly, face towel (spongebob), a nice comfy pillow, and a parker pen.

i got away with a lot of gifts in tow... everyone was so thoughtful i want to cry and whenever i remember what they made for me i want to cry. ahahahahaha

the LACE AVP can be found in my multiply account.. just click video : )