Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Shoes and Bags Shopping

I was in Pasig area yesterday with my sister so we went to St. Francis Square. I missed going there and now they have more shoes and bags. I did my christmas shopping there and bought hello kitty makeup bags and pouches for everybody. We were scouring the place for gifts for mama, kuya bernard our driver, and "all the people in the house yo". heehee

but we were also lloking to buy stuff for ourselves. I bought this nice pair of flats and im wearing it right now, they are lovely! liza also showed me the bag she will give me for christmas, she just showed me a part of it and i saw leopard prints. yey! they are in season last time I read a magazine which is yesterday. hahahaha

now i want more stuff! heehee i'll be in megamall on saturday for the christmas expo. i wish i can find more things there, im still not done shopping for gifts. >.< Merry Christmas!