Sunday, December 17, 2006

i found a kitten in edsa

<--- me and misyel spotted cute beany dolphins

It's a Sunday! I feel refreshed after being able to sleep properly for two consecutive nights. Yesterday, i wrote for money and helped my mom throw a party. we were all very tired like i washed the dishes more than 4 times because i'd rather wash a thousand times than see people fill the world with plastic spoons and kill trees for paper plates. good karma struck me once more as i received a thousand pesos from my mom's officemate. they still look at me like im still the grade schooler kid sitting by my mom. i was living in their office building for more than 8 years.

anyhoo, last friday we went to Megamall only to discover that they don't have electricity in some parts. it was scary to go inside a dim mall but later on, we found out that the other half had light. after tagging along a meeting, i bought a decent pair of formal shoes and they do look great. now i have to build my wardrobe closet around it. im waiting for my ninewest bag from my sister in Australia.

<-- kitten from edsa now in my garden

materialism aside, as i was waiting for a bus to ride home along edsa, i saw a kitten running around and it looked so stressed from the sounds of the vehicles. it was looking for shelter, it'll even consider a shadow as one and when it found my two legs, it hid between them. then on the back of my shopping bags and anywhere that can be considered a shelter or shield from the highway. i took the kitten home. from edsa, it found home in cavite. azrael was cursing me throughout the whole bus ride because the kitten was meowing the first time it rode the bus, but i didnt care. i give credit to az for holding the paperbag with kitten inside the whole time and he made it calm and sleep. wow the man is really an expert with pussies.

and today i plan to write a little to earn something then rush to the world trade center. it's the last day of the world bazaar festival. : )