Friday, December 15, 2006

All I want for Christmas is an N95

I got so excited this morning, I got a mail from my classmate selling N95 for 35,000 pesoses. so i googled what N95 is and its amazing! It is a mobile phone (of course!) with a 5 mega pixel camera, an expandable memory, a video camera, a gaming console, and most of all, it is WiFi enabled!!!!

i almost wet my panties when i viewed the reviews in youtube. me and my officemate jen were starry eyed on the monitor. the game plan is, be patient and the price will get down soon. but now, i want to believe in Santa Clause and maybe he'll go down the roof and put N95 in my stockings.

here is one video review of N95:


Gabriel Cuesta said...

I have viewed the YouTube review and it's amazing.

I have a Nokia N70 and I love it, but compared with this N95 is trash :)

The only problem that it can has this mobile is the battery duration, I hope that it has more capacity than mine (my N70 loose too much battery when I use its multimedia).

I hope that Santa give you this mobile ^_^

suzaku_lace said...

yes!!!! i am wishing very hard, wow you have an N70 my phone right now is just Nokia 6101 >.<