Friday, December 22, 2006

My last day at MCO

<-- me and chong. blouse care of ate maryann : )

Sadly this is my last day to sit here inside my cublicle. this is my last day inside the office that became my second home for a year and a half! oh my God i am so sad and i wish i can stay here even if im not working heehee. i just felt i need to move on and rest a little, that's my reason. nothing my boss is evil or i dont get paid enough stuff hahahaha

I'll miss my computer, my drawer, my officemates. i learned a lot here and experienced both good and bad. i want to thank them for believing in me and giving me lots of free trips heehee. i became an instant jetsetter this year. *lol* i'll miss giving naughty comments and telling naughty stories and i'll miss ranting about my boyfriend in the office.

im walking out of here more confident and armed with marketing practice. weee! it's just like graduation! i can't thank them enough. i know they love me and i love them more. they are the best officemates ever.


Gabriel Cuesta said...

Good luck with your new challenges!

I left my job on 31st December last year and now I'm very happy with my new job, so I'm sure that your change will be for better.

suzaku_lace said...

: ) thanks gabriel! merry christmas!

Darryl said...

Congratulations, and let me add -- you look exceptionally pretty in that picture.

suzaku_lace said...

thank you! happy new year : )