Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Surprise for Azrael

<--- me looking stressed with the long line in the cashier

Azrael wrote in his blog that i am looking for a new man for new year ahahahaha i think he misread my ym conversation with my bestfriend. now he is making tampururot. i got the idea to surprise him with a nice toy so i rushed to Robinson's Place to find anything marvel.

and i found.... CARNAGE!!!!! from spiderman

A Diamond Select Release! Ultimate Carnage, the newest figure in the popular Marvel Select line, features 14 points of articulation and comes with an in scale non-articulated Ultimate Gwen Stacy figure. This figure, sculpted by Phil Ramirez, is based on the classic story arc in which Carnage™ killed Spider-Man's schoolmate, Gwen Stacy. Created by Dr. Curt Connor and Dr. Ben Reilly, and incubated secretly, Carnage is a genetic experiment gone horribly wrong. He is able to drain the life force of his victims and absorb their DNA, allowing Carnage's strength to grow with each kill!

i hope he comes back today from his relatives in Laguna. im so excited to see his reaction when he sees this. it's a very large toy that comes with an action figure of its victim ahahahaha.


cathrina said...

hehe..good thinking..

suzaku_lace said...

hahaha : ) it's kinda sweet don't u think??? im so excited for him to see this.

Gabriel Cuesta said...

It's a great present! :) He will be glad to receive it.

Venom and Carnage are my favorite Spiderman villains.

suzaku_lace said...

yes! i was looking for venom but it was not available. this is nice because spiderman movie is coming next year, very timely. : )

hey gabriel, i came across ur blog but i don't speak spanish unfortunately ^^