Thursday, January 04, 2007

Enjoying my vacation

Rants aside, I am enjoying my vacation : ) Azrael had his haircut yesterday and I joined him so I can get a full body massage in one of the mall spas. the line was long so i had to settle to Let's Face It Salon. They had newly renovated Balinese inspired private rooms and for just 390 pesos, you can get a 1 hour combination massage (Shiatsu and Swedish). There was piping music. it got scary sometimes (because of the music and the silence) and the room was dimly lit for the shy types.

I remembered when my boss and I would get room service massage during our trips. hahaha, really fun and i felt very expensive.

Then we went to the video store and i found a new workout video. Belly dance! for just 100 pesos. I hope to do this video tomorrow as I'm not feeling good because of colds.

These videos and other fitness vcds are on sale in Video City and Astrovision. i wish i can dance like them ahahaha : )

have a nice day everyone!!!