Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Finally! Shopping

I was so excited to go out yesterday. i paid a visit to my officemates in MCO and processed my clearance and last salary. i won't get it until my clearance is done and that's 7 days more of processing >.<

fortunately i bought money with me because i know i'll go shopping in ayala my agenda are to look for bargain pants, blouses; buy a new Yoga Zone vcd; shop at Body Shop; and buy the January issues of magazines (cosmo and marie claire January issues are out). i got them all except something from Body Shop. I was suppose to buy the tea trea oil concealer but i didn't like the consistency.

<-- yey! new magazines to read for january it felt really nice to shop for the first time in 2007! moreso when your partner is being a bit generous. i was able to dine and not cook for it. i ate spaghetti aligue (crab fat) in Tsokonut and i also ate in World Chicken for lunch. If you eat at the Food Choices, you get the chance to pick any prize from the Coke booth. I just won a bag but other prozes include P100,000 and a PSP! right now i just finished following my new yoga vcd and im looking forward to going to the spa ^____^ because there is just one thing bothering me:

just like my mom who is brainwashing me that i am FAT, maybe she needs to feel better that's why. poor sister. just one reason i better stay out of the house and splurge. i almost died of anorexia and i won't let that happen again. when i was thin they gossip about me being anorexic and now i am healthy they call me pig. it's a round cycle. i don't know why they do this maybe my beauty makes them insecure. ahahahahaha peace out!