Sunday, January 07, 2007

Exercise Videos!

Last week, i viewed the my new Belly Dance workout video first before following it. then i thought to myself that it was so easy and i wondered if it will ever give me a real workout. Today, i popped it in the dvd player and now my arms and abs are aching! what seemed so easy was really challenging and i definitely recommend this video (see post below). i might go to the video shop and get the remaining volumes now when they are still on sale at 100 peso.

i am still looking for the remaining yoga zone videos. i have 3 of them now but one is yoga for pregnancy (my sister used it). i am enjoying my vacation because of these videos! i do them around 2pm when the day is starting to get hot and boring. weee! i hope i get new ones soon and keep myself from getting bored.

i'll also meet my friends today in Lian's house : ) i miss talking to friends already. we'll spend the night there and hopefully i can enjoy without forcing myself to drink ; )

Coca Cola Sponsored Christmas Photo: i just scanned this because they printed it for free ^___^
we won this photo op last friday with Santa.


Gabriel Cuesta said...

It's a cool pic. You look a very amusing couple :)

suzaku_lace said...

thanks gabriel! i wish i won the PSP though heehee : )